Blue Collar Crime

Here you will find information on white-collar crime in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional lawyers can best assist their clients in combating economic crimes in Pakistan. Blue-collar crime is a term used to describe crimes that are more likely to be committed by lower-class citizens in society, such as those that directly harm the person or property of others. This is in contrast to white-collar crime, which is generally committed by citizens of higher social strata who are more likely to be able to commit such crimes.


“Blue-collar crime” is an informal classification and has no particular legal weight. For the most part, worker crime means which crimes are most immediately possible for a person, those that are most often driven by passion and those that require careful consideration. Crimes against the person, crimes against property and many forms of non-victim crimes such as prostitution, gambling and drug abuse are usually classified as white-collar crime. Economic crimes are largely those that cause an immediate and visible violation of society. As a result, they are usually punished much faster and more severely than economic crimes. Furthermore, citizens of the lower social strata generally cannot afford high-quality legal aid, which means that they tend to be punished much more severely than white-collar criminals.

Worker crimes are crimes that occur on the streets every day. This is just one of many types of crimes such as business crimes and computer crimes that use computers to commit crimes. Blue-collar crimes can be, but are not limited to: kidnapping, shoplifting, vandalism, rape.

Economic crimes are also crimes that are more visible, discovered earlier and more common than economic crimes.

Citizens of higher social classes are certainly able to commit “worker” crimes and do so at all times. However, the vast majority of these crimes are committed by lower-class citizens, who in turn have limited opportunities to commit economic crimes such as financial fraud and money laundering. This is how these classifications came about.

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