Constitutional Law

Our team of constitutional lawyers best supports your clients in constitutional disputes in Pakistan. The constitution is not an ordinary law that was enacted in the ordinary legal process.


It is the creation of a constitutional law, and therefore the sanctity of a constitution is much higher than any law enacted by the legislature. A statute is an act to meet a specific social, political, or economic need, and therefore its effectiveness does not last that long. But a constitution should have the stated aim of fulfilling the aspiration of the people who made it. It is from the people, for the people and a documentation of the valued good of the people. Constitutions are not designed and acted in a vacuum and as a government tool. It is always intended to determine the condition and how it is determined by the circumstances and surroundings of the community whose activities it seeks to regulate. It is never internal and differs from other laws only in terms of the general national purpose. Constitution, written – unwritten has its own philosophy: it is the means to order people’s lives. In this way, we should understand our constitution well.