Real Estate Law

From real estate construction projects to sophisticated financing transactions, our real estate lawyers offer their clients a wide range of skills and experience that are crucial for the business of the real estate industry.


Our real estate group is an important area of ​​activity at Raza & Associates and supports everyone who works in the dynamic real estate sector, from buyers, sellers and developers to borrowers and lenders. The strength of our lawyers’ knowledge of complex transactions ensures efficient and timely attention for clients involved in key property investment, development and credit activities across the country. Our lawyers use the firm’s corporate, tax and litigation practice and can put together teams that are designed for any type of property situation, such as: B. for commercial and housing disputes, buyer-seller disputes and any problems that may arise in property development.

We deal with all types of property ownership, including transfer of ownership by the party law, transfer of property (movable or immovable, tangible or intangible), sale, mortgage, leasing, immovable property and exchange, gifts and all types of property claims , Accession, rights of use, vested interests, conditional interest and conditional transfer, etc.