University Trademark Battles: Impact & Controversy

University Trademark Battles

University Trademark Battles: Impact & Controversy

Protecting Trademarks: University Enforcement Trends In recent months, a surge of trademark enforcement actions by educational institutions across the United States has drawn widespread attention. From the U.S. Naval Institute’s engagement with Nike over logo usage to the disputes between Texas A&M and a Washington State-based soap company, instances of

Patent Protection

Patent Protection for Pharmaceuticals & Supplements

Patent Protection Strategies for Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements When a new compound’s issue claims are secured or an old compound’s claims expire, what follows next in patent protection? Acquiring additional patent protection typically involves securing claims for treatment methods, prevention, maintenance of health, and modes of action, which vary based

Comcast Over Patent

WhereverTV Sues Comcast Over Patent: OTT TV Dispute

Lawsuit: WhereverTV vs. Comcast in Patent Infringement In August, WhereverTV, a Stronghold Myers, FL-based OTT Web TV supplier, filed a patent infringement suit against Comcast, a Philadelphia-based telecommunications giant. The lawsuit, centered around U.S. Patent No. 8656431 titled “Global Interactive Program Guide Application and Device,” challenges Comcast’s use of Xfinity-branded

Trademark Protection

Trademark Protection: Essentials for Startups

Understanding Trademarks in Business In the realm of commerce, a “trademark” encompasses various identifiers, be it names, phrases, logos, or combinations, distinguishing your goods or services from others’. This distinction holds paramount importance in differentiating your offerings within the market. Here’s a concise breakdown to grasp the essence of trademarks