RSA Cryptography: Evolution & Legacy

RSA Cryptography

RSA Cryptography: Evolution & Legacy

The Evolution of Encryption: From Polybius to RSA Cryptography The market for encryption solutions is on a meteoric rise, expected to hit $413.85 billion by 2022 (source: Business sectors and Markets). Within this realm, the global landscape of public key infrastructure, a pivotal segment utilizing open keys for secure electronic

Global Trademark Strategies

Global Trademark Strategies: Shielding Your Assets

Managing Global Trademark Portfolios in a Globalized Era Overseeing international trademark portfolios amidst globalization is a complex task. E-commerce has transformed conventional thinking, not just in guiding clients on filing specifics but also in strategically maintaining these filings in an increasingly competitive global market. When a brand aims to establish

Patent Case Analysis

US Court Reverses Ruling: Patent Case Analysis

United States Court Decision: Patent Case Overview The recent ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned a district court’s grant of summary judgment on non-infringement due to the district court’s inadequate claim construction analysis. This ruling emerged from the case of Scholarly Ventures I

Global Pharma Patents

New Pat-Educated Tool: Global Pharma Patents

WIPO and the Pat-Educated Initiative WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in collaboration with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) has launched a groundbreaking online tool, the Patent Data Initiative for Medicines (Pat-Educated), aimed at enhancing procurement agencies’ understanding of the global patent status of medications. What is

Patent Advantages

Maximizing Startup Value: Patent Advantages

How Licenses Empower Startups and Attract Investors Entrepreneurial ventures rely on licenses to gain a competitive edge in the market. Patents, for instance, provide startups with the exclusive rights to a specific market segment, offering a significant advantage that appeals to investors seeking innovative and protected ventures. Safeguarding Innovation and