Salud Jab’s Trademark Tussle Sparks Backlash

Trademark Controversy

Salud Jab’s Trademark Tussle Sparks Backlash

The Salud Jab Trademark Controversy: A Lesson in Trademark Policing and Social Backlash In recent events, the Hawaiian food chain, Salud Jab, based in Chicago, IL, has found itself embroiled in an advertising nightmare due to a trademark policing effort, sparking widespread social backlash. Reports reveal that Salud Jab has

Google's Record Patent Sale

Google’s Record Patent Sale: Market Insights

Google’s Milestone Patent Asset Sale In a groundbreaking move reported by Bloomberg Law in late August, Google, the Mountain View, CA-based tech giant, marked its inaugural sale of patent resources in the U.S. processed patent market. Data disclosed by the Richardson Oliver Law Group, a key source for Bloomberg, reveals

Law on Cybersecurity

California IoT Bill: First State Law on Cybersecurity

Understanding California’s IoT Cybersecurity Legislation In late August, a crucial step in California’s cybersecurity landscape unfolded with the passage of state legislation concerning the Internet of Things (IoT). This bill, currently awaiting California Senator Jerry Brown’s signature, is poised to make California the pioneering state in enacting IoT-related laws, forging

EU Approval Expands Marrakesh Pact

EU Approval Expands Marrakesh Pact

Extraordinary Growth in Inclusion: EU Joins WIPO’s Marrakesh Agreement The European Association has taken a significant step towards inclusivity by ratifying WIPO’s Marrakesh Agreement, amplifying access to adapted texts for visually impaired individuals across borders. EU’s Approval and Global Coverage Diplomat Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, representing the 28-member European Union, submitted the

Patents Office

Patent Office: Grants, Registration, & Protection

Understanding Pakistan’s Patents Office The Patents Office in Pakistan operates within the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) under the Cabinet Division. It serves several crucial purposes: Objectives of the Patents Office The primary objectives of the Patents Office encompass: Granting Patents One of its key functions is to grant patents for