Trademark Registration Process: How to Secure Your Brand

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process: How to Secure Your Brand

Trademark Registration: A Crucial Step for Brand Protection Trademark registration isn’t solely about a logo; it extends to business names, catchphrases, or taglines. When appropriately utilized and promoted, a trademark becomes a business’s most valuable asset. Brands like Coca-Cola, HP, Canon, Nike, and Adidas not only indicate the origin of

International Law

International Law: Pakistan’s CPEC Agreements

Understanding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has stirred significant debate and controversy, particularly in recent political discourse. The focus has shifted to its regional implications, overshadowing its international aspects. While domestic dimensions dominate the discussion within Pakistan, the international ramifications demand attention. International Legal Framework

Intellectual Property Misconceptions

7 Costly Intellectual Property Misconceptions

The Costly Impact of Intellectual Property Misconceptions Posting a copyrighted photo on a blog cost a small public relations company thousands of dollars, even though the photo wasn’t labeled with a copyright notice. Labeling products with a patent number that didn’t match the exact model meant a construction-stilts manufacturer must