IRS FAQs: Reduce Penalties, Ethical Concerns


IRS FAQs: Reduce Penalties, Ethical Concerns

Utilizing IRS FAQs for Tax Optimization and Penalty Avoidance Taxpayers often turn to IRS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) seeking guidance to minimize penalties, as highlighted in a recent American Bar Association (ABA) meeting. However, it’s crucial to note that reliance solely on FAQs isn’t advisable when determining tax liability. Examining

Trademark Extension Reveals Challenges

Paris Court: Beatles Trademark Extension Denied

Paris Court of Appeal Ruling on Beatles Trademark Extension On April 15, 2022, the Paris Court of Appeal addressed the extension of The Beatles’ character to the trademark “BEATLES,” highlighting significant considerations regarding its use and recognition. Background The French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) faced opposition from Apple

Trademark Confusion


Case Overview: Rejected Trademark Application – TANDLÄKARGRUPPEN ODENPLAN Background An application to register the trademark TANDLÄKARGRUPPEN ODENPLAN was rejected due to a pre-existing company name, Tandläkarhuset Odenplan AB. Despite both entities sharing elements like “tandläkar-” (meaning “dentist”) and “Odenplan” (the location of both businesses), the Patent and Market Court (PMC)

Public Views on Music Copyright Law

YouTube Analysis: Public Views on Music Copyright Law

Analyzing YouTube Discussions on Flame v Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Case In this qualitative content analysis, 59 YouTube videos were scrutinized to explore public discourse surrounding music copyright law. Key Findings The study reveals the depth of engagement among YouTube creators with intricate aspects of copyright law. Disagreement persists on the