Protecting Intellectual Property: Types & Importance

Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property: Types & Importance

The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection in the Digital Era In today’s digital age, the evolution of technology has revolutionized employment structures, emphasizing the crucial need for safeguarding intellectual property (IP). Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and individual creators are recognizing the heightened significance of IP protection. Changing Landscapes:

Patent Eligibility & Alice Test

Patent Eligibility & Alice Test: Software Challenges

Patent Eligibility: Understanding the Impact of Alice Corp v CLS Bank International One of the most contentious issues in US patent law revolves around determining whether an invention qualifies for patent protection or is considered an “abstract” concept undeserving of such rights. This debate, particularly prevalent in software patents, has

Enhancing IP Governance

Enhancing IP Governance: Strategy & Collaboration for CPEC

The National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS) 2017-2021 in Pakistan The National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS) 2017-2021, announced by the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO), aimed to address critical gaps in IP governance in Pakistan. One of its primary goals was legislative refinement, seeking alignment with the IPO Act of 2012 while

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Filters: Legal Considerations

Examining Brand Protection for Snapchat Filters: Legal Perspectives Compared In recent years, social media has evolved into a vast platform for creative expression. Despite this, the role of intellectual property law in safeguarding innovation often goes unnoticed. This article delves into the debate around brand protection for Snapchat filters within