Understanding Brand Protection: 5 Unprotected Creations

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights: Legal Perspectives

Understanding Imbrication in Intellectual Property Rights Imbrication issues in Intellectual Property Rights occur when holders assert their rights across multiple concepts. Software, for instance, is protected under brand laws, patent laws, and sometimes design patents, creating overlaps and complexities. Courts typically follow two approaches when confronted with such overlaps: allowing

Trademark Specimens

Trademark Specimens: Usage in Commerce Essentials

General Conditions for Trademark and Service Mark Specimens This blog delves into the crucial aspects surrounding specimens for trademark and service mark operations. While there exist overarching rules, numerous exceptions arise based on the mark type, the specific goods and services, and industry norms. What Constitutes a Specimen? A specimen


Secure Copyright: Benefits & Protection

The Importance of Copyright Registration for Creative Works Protecting Your Creative Expression Creative workshops of expression serve as invaluable assets for filmmakers, photographers, software developers, writers, musicians, and visual artists alike. To safeguard these creations against unauthorized use, civil brand registration becomes crucial. Brand law extends its protective umbrella not