Trademark Rights vs. Domain Names: Key Differences

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Trademark Rights vs. Domain Names: Key Differences

Understanding Trademark Rights and Domain Name Power Trademark rights and domain name power intersect in various ways, yet they are distinct entities. Domain name power doesn’t inherently establish trademark rights, and possessing trademark rights doesn’t automatically grant ownership or control over a corresponding domain name. It’s common for individuals to

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Trademark Act & Concurrent Use: Coexisting Realities

Exploring Coexistence in Trademarks Have you ever pondered how different companies use similar words for separate products? It’s a question that often strikes me. Picture this: enjoying Apple Corp. music on an iPhone while using the Pandora music app, accompanied by Pandora jewelry, savoring Dove chocolate, and utilizing Dove cleaner

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Patenting Mobile Apps: How & Why

Can You Patent Your Mobile App? Introduction Smartphones have become central to our daily lives. Mobile apps, spanning from commerce to healthcare, offer diverse solutions to various client problems. Among the inquiries flooding inventors’ desks is the possibility of patenting mobile apps. Yes, it’s feasible, given your invention meets the