UK IPO Changes: Patent Rules & Design Fees Oct 1, 2016

Patent Rules

Changes to the Patent Rules & New Design Fees in the United Kingdom

As of October 1, 2016, the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) is implementing noteworthy amendments to the Patent Rules accompanied by changes in industrial design registration fees. These alterations signify a pivotal shift in how patent applications are processed and managed.

Amendments to Patent Rules

Commencing from this date, the UK IPO will issue updated notices of intention to grant. These notifications will provide applicants with crucial information affirming the compliance of their applications with all necessary requirements. Additionally, the notice will specify the anticipated date of patent approval. This proactive measure empowers applicants by offering clear insights into the timeframe remaining, enabling voluntary amendments or the submission of a divisional application, if desired.

An important modification from October 1, 2016, concerns the terms for amending PCT applications upon entering the UK national phase. Applicants with an issued International Search Report (ISR) by the national phase entry date can initiate voluntary amendments. Alternatively, for applications lacking an ISR by this date, amendments are permissible upon issuance of either the UK search report or ISR, whichever comes earlier. The deadline for amendments in both scenarios is aligned with the issuance of the initial UK examination report.

Moreover, the revised Rules establish a defined timeframe for requesting application reinstatement. This clarity resolves prior confusion, enabling reinstatement within 12 months following an application’s lapse. This provision applies retroactively to all previously lapsed applications from October 1, 2016.

Industrial Design Fees

Noteworthy adjustments have been introduced to industrial design registration and renewal costs. These changes encompass significant reductions in fees. A comparative analysis of the modified fees is presented below:

UK Design Registration Fees

Before October 1, 2016On and After October 1, 2016
Paper-based filing
Single design applicationGBP 60 for 1 designGBP 50 for 1 design
Multiple design applicationGBP 60 for 1st design and GBP 40 per subsequent designGBP 70 for up to 10 designs, GBP 20 for each subsequent block of up to 10 designs

UK Design Renewal Fees

Before October 1, 2016On and After October 1, 2016
2nd five-year periodGBP 130GBP 70
3rd five-year periodGBP 210GBP 90
4th five-year periodGBP 310GBP 110
5th five-year periodGBP 450GBP 140

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