About Us

Welcome To Raza & Associates

Raza & Associates helps clients in ensuring that IP assets add to the business profitability rather than to its overhead costs.

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services to a broad range of clients, offering a full range of legal services practically and pragmatically. Accordingly, we never undermanage or over-resource matters.

We act as our clients’ partners-in-growth by providing value advice to optimize strategies for establishment, protection and leveraging IP assets.

Our services help clients focus on their core business and indulge in value addition through branding while we, as partners, provide continuous deterrence against unfair competition. We help clients manage risks of illegal use of trade marks, brand image dilution and unfair competition, through use of deceptively similar brand names, infringements and counterfeiting.

Our partnerships with clients ensure that rightful profits of businesses are intact, market shares are not depleted through unfair business competition and that the businesses can focus on growth without having to worry about infringement of their IP rights.

With our extensive experience, multiple offices, ideal firm size, networking with regulators and enforcement agencies and a dedicated team, we offer customized IP solutions based on specific needs of each of our clients.

More Than 5,000 Satisfied Clients From Across The World.

  • Service is our business. You can talk to an attorney anytime on the phone or at a location that is convenient for you.
  • Fully committed to your case, our office handles Trademark, copyrights and patent cases exclusively.
  • Recognized in the legal community by judges and peers as tenacious and ethical litigators.

We are proud to be a member of these:

  1. SUPREME COURT BAR ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN – The forum of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) is a thriving intellectual community that has multiple and vital roles to play in a lawyer’s life as well as for the nation.
  2. IP COSTER – Is open and free for any person/firm/company practicing IP, aims to facilitate the IP registration process Worldwide and easy Estimates of Costs for free.
  3. Chambers and Partners – Chambers and Partners identifies and ranks the most outstanding law firms and lawyers in over 180 jurisdictions throughout the world
  4. Lahore Chamber of Commerce
  5. Lahore High Court Bar
  6. Pakistan Bar Council
  7. Supreme Court Bar Council
  8. Sindh Bar Council
International IP Events

We are proud to be a member of these:

  1. World Intellectual Property - Day-April 26
  2. AIPLA Spring Meeting – May 18-20
  3. IACC Annual Conference – May 18-20
  4. INTA Annual Meeting – May 21-25
  5. IIPLA Global IP Summit – Jun 06-07
  6. ECTA Annual Conference – Jun 22-25
  7. ABA Annual Meeting – Aug 04-09
  8. LES Scandinavia 2016 – Sep 04-06
  9. AIPPI World Congress – Sep 16-20
  10. MARQUES Annual Conf – Sep 20-23
  11. APAA 66th Council Meeting – Oct 08-11
  12. AIPLA Annual Meeting – Oct 27-29