Temporary Patent Application: Selling Ideas? Insights & Tips

Understanding Patent Claims

Understanding Patent Claims: Scope and Importance

Understanding Patents: A Comprehensive Overview What Is a Patent? A granted patent holds significant power in the realm of intellectual property rights. It bestows upon its holder the exclusive right to prevent others—namely, competitors—from engaging in activities such as manufacturing, using, selling, supplying for sale, importing, or exporting an invention

Trademark Act

Trademark Act: Non-Use Revocation & Proof

Understanding Trademark Non-Use Revocations in Pakistan In adherence to the Trademark Act, the material possession workplace holds the authority to revoke a trademark registration, should it remain inactive without excusable reasons for three consecutive years. Upon filing for non-use revocation, the burden lies on the trademark holder to demonstrate its


Emerging Myanmar: Telecom, Finance, Tourism, Retail

Rapidly Evolving Sectors in Myanmar Myanmar’s political and financial landscape is undergoing significant transformations, opening doors for untapped resources and fostering the growth of various industries. Among these burgeoning sectors are telecommunications, finance, tourism, and retail. Telecommunications Advancements The telecommunications sector in Myanmar is experiencing rapid growth, attracting substantial foreign