Maximize Brand Impact: Using Trademark Symbols

Trademark Symbols

Understanding Trademark Symbols in Canadian Commerce

Trademark symbols such as ®, TM (“trademark”), MD (“marque déposée”), and MC (“marque de commerce”) play crucial roles in Canadian and transnational commerce. Recognizing the differences between these symbols, their significance, and their correct usage is vital for any business.

Significance of Trademark Symbols

Trademark symbols serve as indicators of claim to trademark rights. Properly using these symbols can enhance public recognition of a trademark, especially for unregistered common law trademarks. They also act as a deterrent to potential challengers seeking to adopt similar marks.

Benefits of Utilizing Trademark Symbols

  1. Enhanced Rights Administration: Employing these symbols aids in managing both registered and unregistered trademark rights. It assists in establishing the distinctness and usage of a trademark, especially during legal proceedings like opposition or enforcement actions.
  2. Clarification of Trademark Usage: In situations where a mark might not be readily perceived as a trademark, using the appropriate symbol clarifies its status. This is particularly helpful when a mark is part of a company name or when it’s surrounded by additional text.

Limitations and Cautionary Notes

While trademark symbols offer various advantages, they can’t compensate for fundamental deficiencies in a trademark. For instance, if a mark is too descriptive of the associated goods or services, the use of a trademark symbol won’t make it registrable in Canada.

Correct Usage and Associated Penalties

There’s no official guideline in Canada for using trademark symbols. However, incorrect use, especially of the ® symbol, can lead to penalties in jurisdictions like the United States. To mitigate risks, Canadian trademark holders often use TM or MC even for registered trademarks.

Considerations for Quebec

In Quebec, the Quebec Board of the French Language allows either the French or English interpretation of symbols. Trademark holders in Quebec might opt for the English interpretation (® or TM) for simplicity.

Importance of Accurate Symbol Usage

Using the correct symbol with the exact trademark is essential. Failure to do so might lead to refusals during trademark opposition or registration processes.


While not mandatory in Canada, Trademark Registration and using trademark symbols (®, TM, MD, and MC) appropriately offers significant benefits to trademark holders. It aids in defense against infringement and strengthens a business’s position in the market.

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