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Registry: Trade Marks Registry in Pakistan

The Trade Marks Registry (TMR) is the premier body within the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan), dedicated to the registration of trade and service marks under the Trade Marks Ordinance of 2001. As a federal government entity, its jurisdiction spans the geographical boundaries of Pakistan. Functioning akin to a civil court, its decisions are subject to appeal at the provincial high courts. The TMR is led by a Registrar, headquartered in Karachi, with a Regional Office situated in Lahore.

Functions of Trade Marks Registry

With the enactment of the Trade Marks Ordinance in 2001, the TMR has undertaken a pivotal role in fostering mass awareness about Intellectual Property Rights. Beyond its core responsibility of trademark registration, it actively encourages entrepreneurs to safeguard their trade and service marks, facilitating fair business practices. For inquiries and assistance, dedicated helplines staffed with proficient officials are available at TMR offices in Karachi, Lahore, and IPO Headquarters in Islamabad.

  1. Reception Desk

Reception desks are established at Trademarks Registry offices in Karachi, Lahore, and IPO Headquarters in Islamabad. They facilitate the receipt of applications and relevant documents, issuing application numbers promptly.

  1. Data Capture Section

This section processes received applications for trademark and service mark registration, converting the information into digital form. It issues acknowledgment receipts and accommodates minor typographical rectifications upon request from applicants.

  1. Examination Sections (Eight)

Due to the high volume of applications, this section comprises eight sub-sections, each allocated specific classes of goods and services for examination. Applications undergo scrutiny according to the Trade Marks Ordinance of 2001. If any contravention is identified, applicants are notified to align with the Ordinance, amending applications through TM-16 along with a specified fee. Compliant applications proceed to the Registrar and are forwarded to the Journal section.

  1. Journal Section

This dedicated section publishes the Trade Marks Journal, showcasing all accepted applications. This publication serves the dual purpose of public awareness and inviting opposition from aggrieved parties before final mark registration.

  1. Opposition Section

Dealing with oppositions filed against marks published in the Journal, this section allows a two-month period for opposition receipt. Filed in a prescribed TM-5 Form with a specified fee, opposition cases are adjudicated by the Registrar after hearings. Successful oppositions result in abandonment of trademark applications; otherwise, applications proceed for registration.

  1. Registration Section

Following publication without opposition, marks are recommended for registration. Applicants are prompted to submit prescribed fees for a registration certificate valid for 10 years. Failure to submit fees results in abandonment of the application by the Registrar.

  1. Post Registration Section

After mark registration, this section handles subsequent changes, amendments, and transactions related to registered marks.

  1. Renewal Section

Responsible for the 10-year renewal of registered trademarks, this section intimates applicants for renewal. Upon receiving prescribed fees through TM-12, it issues a Renewal Certificate for an additional 10-year duration.

  1. Record Section

Maintaining physical file records, this section manages file movements across various sections for processing applicant requests, handling post-registration, renewal, and legal matters.

  1. Legal Section

Addressing all legal matters, including court appeals concerning Registrar decisions, this section manages legal affairs.

  1. Administration/HR/Accounts Section

Internal affairs of the registry, encompassing human resources, office infrastructure, and accounts, are managed by this section.

  1. IT Section

Responsible for automation, IT support, and infrastructure maintenance of the Trade Marks Registry in Karachi.

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