Game Copyright: Streaming Risks & DMCA

Game Copyright

Understanding Game Redistribution and Copyright Laws

The End User License Agreement (EULA) and Copyright Implications

The End User License Agreement (EULA) accompanying most games, even those available for free, typically prohibits redistributing the game without explicit permission from the copyright holder. This holds true even if the EULA doesn’t explicitly state this, as redistributing a game without proper licensing or permission is a default violation of copyright law.

Legal Implications of Streaming Games

Courts may interpret streaming games to users’ computers as several copyright infringements:

  • Equating it to manufacturing unauthorized game copies
  • Treating it as redistributing copies without permission
  • Deeming it an unauthorized public performance, such as YouTube videos’ online streams
  • Considering it an attempt to sublicense the game or its components without authorization

Virtual Computers and Game Preloading

Providing users with a virtual computer or remote desktop for their game installations differs. However, preloading games without a license or express permission remains an issue.

Open Source Games and License Flexibility

Certain free and open-source games may possess licenses explicitly permitting redistribution to other users. Depending on the license’s wording, this might extend to streaming games to users’ computers.

Legal Ramifications and DMCA Notices

Irrespective of copyright enforcement, intending to perform any of the aforementioned actions without permission or a license is highly likely to violate copyright laws. This could result in receiving DMCA takedown notices for you or your web hosting provider.

DMCA Protections and Operator Liability

DMCA offers safe harbor protection to websites or services functioning as conduits for third-party content. However, if you, as the operator, are directly uploading or distributing content, these protections do not apply. Demonstrating lack of control over content uploaders and swift content removal upon violation awareness is crucial for DMCA protection.

Legal Nuances of Game Ownership and Online Play

Merely owning a physical game usually does not grant automatic rights to download or play it online, especially from unofficial sources. Legalities vary across countries/jurisdictions, with some permitting format shifting or making personal/non-commercial copies. However, these permissions seldom extend to redistributing virtual ROMs to other users.

By understanding the nuances of EULAs, copyright laws, and the implications of game redistribution, individuals can navigate these legal intricacies more effectively.

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