New Pat-Educated Tool: Global Pharma Patents

Global Pharma Patents

WIPO and the Pat-Educated Initiative

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in collaboration with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) has launched a groundbreaking online tool, the Patent Data Initiative for Medicines (Pat-Educated), aimed at enhancing procurement agencies’ understanding of the global patent status of medications.

What is Pat-Educated?

Pat-Educated stands as a unique resource, providing patent holders with a platform to offer comprehensive information on patents covering approved medications. This free, open-access database serves as a crucial repository for pertinent patent data.

Partnership & Significance

Pat-Educated is a result of the partnership between WIPO and IFPMA, leveraging WIPO’s unparalleled expertise in patent information dissemination. This collaboration signifies a concerted effort by the research-based pharmaceutical industry to bring clarity to pharmaceutical patent data.

WIPO hosts and ensures the continued development of this database, while IFPMA collaborates closely with the top 20 research-based biopharmaceutical companies supporting this initiative. Their joint efforts aim to ensure a cohesive and consistent approach.

WIPO’s Commitment

WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry, emphasizes, “WIPO is dedicated to increasing patent system transparency for the benefit of humanity. Pat-Educated will facilitate procurement of vital medications, thereby supporting improved global health outcomes.”

Bridging Information Gaps

While patent application and grant information are public, direct links between patents and available medications are often scarce. Pat-Educated aims to bridge these gaps, simplifying and expediting patent research for a broader spectrum of health professionals.

Features and Impact

Pat-Educated presently hosts data on over 14,000 individual licenses, covering 600 patent families and 169 Medicinal Products (Motels). These encompass a wide range of pharmaceutical substances addressing various medical conditions.

The initiative focuses on small molecule drugs across multiple therapeutic areas like oncology, hepatitis C, cardiovascular diseases, HIV, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses. It also includes products listed in the WHO Essential Medicines List outside these treatment areas.

IFPMA’s Role

IFPMA, representing research-based pharmaceutical companies worldwide, champions this initiative to facilitate informed decision-making for global health practitioners. They contribute industry expertise to find solutions that enhance global health.

This collaborative effort between WIPO and IFPMA signifies a pivotal step toward enhancing accessibility and clarity in pharmaceutical patent information, ultimately fostering improved health outcomes worldwide.

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