Patent Office: Grants, Registration, & Protection

Patents Office

Understanding Pakistan’s Patents Office

The Patents Office in Pakistan operates within the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) under the Cabinet Division. It serves several crucial purposes:

Objectives of the Patents Office

The primary objectives of the Patents Office encompass:

Granting Patents

One of its key functions is to grant patents for new and innovative inventions.

International Representation

Representing the government on an international scale concerning intellectual property-related matters.

Providing Services

Offering know-how and educational services to inventors to support their endeavors.

Fostering Industrial Development

Contributing to the growth and development of industries within Pakistan.

Criteria for Patent Registration

An invention meeting the Patent Office’s criteria is eligible for patent registration based on the following standards:

  • Novelty: The invention must be new.
  • Inventive Step: It should involve an inventive step.
  • Industrial Applicability: Capable of industrial application.
  • Compliance: It must not contradict the law or morality.

The Purpose of Patents Laws

Patent laws exist to provide legal, enforceable rights, protecting inventions from exploitation by others.

Definition of a Patent

A patent is a grant or license issued by the government, conferring an exclusive right for a limited period (20 years in Pakistan). This exclusive right prevents others from using, making, reproducing, or selling the patented invention.

The Registration Process

Understanding the process of registering a patent involves several crucial steps:

Initiating the Patent Request

The process begins by completing either ‘Form P-1’ or ‘Form P-2’ (Convention Application for Patent), along with the invention’s specifications.

Specification Submission

Specifications of the patent, either complete or provisional, are detailed in the application form. Additional sheets may be used for detailed descriptions, including steps, processes, drawings, and claims.

Forms Submission

Complete specifications are filed using ‘Form P-3A’ (Application for Complete Specification), while provisional specifications use ‘Form P-3’.

Examination and Evaluation

The application undergoes examination and evaluation by the competent authority at the Patent Office.

Addressing Opposition

If any opposition arises regarding the patent, the applicant must defend their application. Opposing parties can contest by completing ‘Form P-7’.

Sealing the Patent

Upon successful evaluation and resolution of legal matters, including but not limited to Real Estate Legal Services, the patent is sealed by submitting ‘Form P-10’ (Request for Sealing), granting the applicant rights for 20 years.

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