Understanding IP: Key Principles and Public Perception

Understanding IP

Understanding IP: Key Principles and Public Perception

The Role of Intellectual Property in Fostering Innovation Intellectual Property (IP) serves as a catalyst for innovation. The exclusive right to prevent others from replicating patented inventions, copyrighted original works, and trademarked brands and logos incentivizes innovators to invest their time and resources. The Impact of IP on Innovation Economy

Trademark Mess

Trademark Mess: Impact on Brand Protection & Strategies

The Challenge of Trademark Clutter in the Age of IoT In 2017, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) experienced a surge in trademark applications, reaching 440,768—an almost 14 percent increase from the previous year. This heightened filing activity has reignited concerns about trademark clutter, where companies register broad

Unified Patent's Case

PTAB’s IPR Decision on Unified Patent’s Case

Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s Decision on Inter Partes Review (IPR) Petition On November 27th, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) made a significant decision, initiating an Inter Partes Review (IPR) as requested by Unified Patent. The IPR aims to challenge the validity of patent claims previously asserted in

Protecting Ideas

Protecting Ideas: Fact vs. Fiction in IP

Numerous individuals ask: would ideas be able to be protected? The short answer is no. Tragically, notwithstanding what you may have gotten notification from late-night TV advertisements, there is no powerful method to secure a thought with any type of intellectual property protection. Copyrights secure articulation and innovativeness, not development.