Protecting Innovation: IPP’s Impact on Business Strategy

Protecting Innovation

Protecting Innovation: IPP’s Impact on Business Strategy

Importance of Intellectual Property Protection for Innovation Innovation is the bedrock of value creation for businesses, making intellectual property protection (IPP) an indispensable strategy for both established industries and startups. While patents are the most recognized form of IPP, recent studies highlight the significance of alternative tools like trade secrets

EU Copyright Directive

EU Copyright Directive: Internet’s New Rules Impact

The European Parliament’s Copyright Overhaul: What It Means for the Internet The European Parliament recently greenlit a monumental overhaul of copyright legislation—the most significant change in internet regulation since GDPR. The directive’s impending effect is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape. Copyright Directive: Key Controversies At the heart of this

WIPO Unveils AI

WIPO Unveils AI-Powered Image Search for Trademarks

WIPO Introduces AI-Powered Image Search for Trademarks The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has unveiled an innovative AI-powered image search technology aimed at expediting and streamlining the assessment of trademark distinctiveness within target markets. Traditionally, image search tools relied on identifying shapes and colors in trademarks. However, WIPO’s new AI

Protecting IP in Sports

Protecting IP in Sports: Preventing Theft & Forgery

Understanding the Importance of Intellectual Property World Intellectual Property Day 2019: Emphasizing the Role of IP in Sports and Public Safety Senator Thom Tillis, leading the Senate Legal Executive Committee’s Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, articulated the committee’s intentions to delve into bolstering criminal penalties and opportunities for heightened intellectual property

Trademark Enrollment

Trademark Enrollment: Protecting Brands in 50 States

The Power of Government Trademark Registration in Enterprises In the realm of enterprises, securing trademarks through government enrollment stands as a robust form of protection. It converts customary law trademark rights into national rights, extending coverage across all 50 states. Beyond this, a federal registration serves as a pivotal foundation