Singapore’s IPOS Go: Revolutionizing Trademark Filings

Revolutionizing Trademark Filings

IPOS Introduces Groundbreaking Mobile App for Trademark Filings

On August 21, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) unveiled the IPOS Go mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This revolutionary app pioneers trademark filing services, marking it as the world’s inaugural platform enabling trademark registration via smartphones.

Streamlined Trademark Filing

IPOS heralds a streamlined trademark application process through the app, promising submissions within approximately 10 minutes—a stark contrast to the 45 to 60 minutes required by conventional methods. This innovation has drawn considerable attention, especially among businesses seeking efficient trademark registrations. Engaging an Intellectual Property Lawyer during this process can be invaluable, given the nuances and legalities involved. Additionally, filing costs are significantly reduced, though precise figures were undisclosed in the official statement. Presently, trademark filing fees stand at $240 for a single trademark in any class, with a renewal cost of $380 per class after 10 years.

Anticipated Impact and Statistics

Anticipating a surge in trademark applications, IPOS notes a 30% increase in applications over recent years in Singapore. In 2017, IPOS recorded 50,035 trademark applications and registered 37,030 trademarks, with over 20% attributed to local entities. Foreign entities such as Amazon Innovations and Apple were among the top filers for trademark applications in Singapore.

AI-Powered Features

The IPOS Go app integrates artificial intelligence, aiding applicants in identifying similar image marks to prevent the filing of trademarks resembling existing registered ones. Given that over 40% of global trademark registrations involve images, this service holds immense value for applicants.

App Features and Smart Nation Initiative

The app encompasses seven primary sections, requiring SingPass or CorpPass accounts for five sections. However, all users can access the IP Search and Comparable Mark Search sections, enabling searches for patents, trademarks, designs, and geographical sign applications filed with IPOS.

Aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, IPOS’ mobile app reflects the nation’s commitment to digital advancement across various sectors, including urban living, public services, health, transportation, key national projects, and business startups.

Testimonial and Strategic Goals

Isabelle Tan, Director of the Registry of Trademarks at IPOS, emphasizes the app’s significance in safeguarding trademarks, fostering consumer loyalty, and boosting revenue for businesses.

IPOS’ Cost-Saving Initiatives

In recent months, IPOS introduced cost-saving measures for intellectual property rights holders, including an insurance program for legal expenses related to IP infringement and discounted rates for alternative dispute resolution processes.

Singapore’s IP Landscape

Singapore ranks highly in global IP systems, placing tenth overall in the 2019 International IP Index and fifteenth in national trademark systems. While the immediate impact of the IPOS Go app on international rankings remains uncertain, increased digitization coupled with robust enforcement strategies could bolster Singapore’s standing in domains concerning the protection of trademarks and combating the online sale of counterfeit goods.

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